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Simona Halep: religion, political views and hobbies

Simona Halep: religion, political views and hobbies

Simona Halep is a Romanian professional tennis player who climbed the world ranking with an amazing speed in the last few years finishing the 2017 season as number 1. She was born on the 27th of September 1992 in Constanta and took up tennis lessons at the age of 4 years old, after she saw her older brother playing. Since she was a child, Simona proved to be hardworking, and at 6 years old, she was practicing on a daily basis. When asked about her inspiration, Simona said that Andrei Pavel and Justine Henin were the people whom she looked up to as a child.

After winning the Roland Garros Junior Championships in 2008 all eyes were already pointing to her as a future star. In 2010 she played her first WTA final (in Fes) and qualified for the first time into a Grand Slam main draw at the French Open. After two more years with constant presences in main draws, came the breakthrough from 2013 with 6 titles on all surfaces and a year-end finish close to the top 10. In 2014 Halep reached her first Slam final at the French Open losing to Maria Sharapova. At Wimbledon, it was an ankle injury that stood between her and the final. In August 2014 she would reach the number 2 in the world rankings. The same year she managed to play the final of the WTA Champions tournament losing to Serena Williams. Despite not reaching any other Slam finals till 2017, Halep remained a constant presence in the top 5 with several titles in Premier Mandatory tournaments. She had to wait till 2017 to play her second final at the French Open and to reach the number one spot by reaching the China Open final, despite being several times only one win away from it during the previous months.

Her movement on the court is her best weapon, along with a powerful double-handed backhand down the line. Despite her size ( just 1.68 m height) Halep even managed to improve her serve during the last seasons. When her game clicks she has no real weaknesses. Clay is her best surface, which comes as no surprise considering that many of her successes have come on this surface.

Simona Halep Religion

Simona Halep rarely talks about subjects that do not involve tennis, but she made an exception regarding religion. She said that religion is very important to her and although she doesn’t go to church every week, she carries religious icons with her everywhere. Simona is a declared Orthodox.
Simona Halep Political Views

Simona Halep is not very active in the political world and neither did she show any interest in it yet.

Simona Halep Hobbies

Simona likes to indulge herself from time to time and cooks crepes and eggplant salad. When she has a free schedule, Simona likes to go fishing, watch movies and enjoy her car collection. The tennis player admitted that she prefers going to the theatre to watching movies at home.

Random Facts

Halep loves chocolate, and her favorite animal is the men’s best friend, the dog.
Help is Aromanian, an ethnic group found in most regions in the Balkans. Halep spoke several times with pride about her heritage. Another famous Aromanian is the former football player Gheorghe Hagi. There is even a photo of him and Halep from when she was a child.
In 2009 Simona underwent breast reduction surgery because she got to the conclusion that her bust size would eventually stop her from reaching her full potential on the court. Despite this episode when it comes to tennis, Simona says that she doesn’t feel like she sacrificed anything to get to this point of her life and just thinks she is very lucky to do what she loves.

Before every match, if she is very stressed, Simona spends time with her team, listening to music and funny jokes.


Simona was born on the 27th of September, which makes her a Libra.

Who Is Simona Halep dating?

Officially Simona is not dating anyone and stated that she wants to remain focused on the game, but there have been rumors that she is having a relationship with a former tennis player, Radu Marian Barbu. For the time being both of them denied the rumors. However, Halep said that in the future, she would like to have three children and live in Romania.

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