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Victoria Azarenka: religion, political views and hobbies



Victoria Azarenka: religion, political views and hobbies

The former world number 1 Belarusian tennis star, Victoria Azarenka, holds two Australian Open titles, making her the only Belarusian player to hold a Grand Slam title. She found her love of the sport when, at the tender age of 7, she was sent outside to ‘hit a ball against a wall’ to work off a childhood mood. After extensive success on the youth circuit, she made her debut into international tennis in 2007, steadily working up the world tennis rankings and capturing several noted titles, and making it to the finals on more than one occasion. Her first major title win came in 2012 at the Australian Open. Despite injuries forcing her out of the sport for a while in 2014, and the birth of her son in 2016, she has returned to the pro circuit and continues to put on a great show for fans worldwide.

What is Victoria Azarenka’s religion?

Born in Minsk, Victoria was likely raised in the Eastern Orthodox Christian traditions, although she does not talk much publicly about her religion and faith.

What are Victoria Azarenka’s political views?

Victoria maintains her personal life by not being publically involved in any political issues. While she undoubtedly has her own private political leanings, she has not shared them with the world.

What hobbies does Victoria Azarenka have?

Victoria likes to pursue a wide range of ‘girly stuff’ as her hobby, particularly enjoying shopping and the movies. Her favorite TV show is the classic Friends. She also enjoys keeping up with the hockey circuit.

Victoria has been outspoken on the issue of support for tennis players by the various world associations, believing more can be done to support individuals both on and off the court. She considered breaking from her sport in 2011 to pursue her education but was encouraged not to by her grandmother, who remains a strong influence in her career and life.

Some fun facts about Victoria Azarenka

Although not a ‘fun’ fact, Victoria has spoken openly about her battle with depression after an injury in 2014 hampered her career growth, hoping to reach out to others suffering from this ‘silent illness’. She has career earnings of over 9.7 million dollars. She owns a house in Los Angeles, although she continues to live in Monaco as her primary residence. Her career idol is Steffi Graf. She is fluent in English, Belarusian, and Russian, with some competence in French and Ukrainian. Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams are her top rivals, and she has stood up well to them in a variety of head-to-head matches.

What is Victoria Azarenka’s horoscope?

Victoria was born on July 31, 1989, making her a Leo. Leo is a typically strong fighter, and she’s shown strong signs of determination throughout her career.

Who is Victoria Azarenka dating?

Victoria Azarenka dated American musician Redfoo between 2012-2014. She also has a son with ex-boyfriend Billy McKeague [born in 2016]. Their public battle for custody resulted in her withdrawal from the 2017 US Open for personal reasons.