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William H. Macy: religion, political views and hobbies



William H. Macy: religion, political views and hobbies

William H. Macy is an American screenwriter, actor, theater director, but also teacher. He became an actor after he appeared in several small independent films and summer action movies. He is mostly known for his roles played in the movies “Fargo” and “Jurassic Park III,” but also in the TV series “Shameless.” 

William H. Macy Religion

Although by origin he is a Lutheran, in an interview given to Esquire, Macy himself said that he is not a religious or a spiritual man. He claims that he only tries to act like a good man and respect those around him, but overall, he has no religious inclinations.

William H. Macy Political Views

Macy describes himself to be fiscally republican and socially liberal. He also adds, however, that when it comes to very important issues of the country, politics do not matter. He believes that one should get past the silliness and take care of the country’s citizens first and foremost.

William H. Macy Hobbies

Unlike most actors that have a passion for activities such as golf, painting, or playing the guitar, Macy claims to have a deeper “hobby” that he is greatly passionate about: his family.

He explains that he loves his acting and that he is happy that he gets to act every day and be paid for it. However, he claims that no matter how much he loves to become another person on the set, he still revels in coming home to his family and spending time with them. He considers it great fun. 

Random Facts

When he was in college at Bethany, his best friends used to call him Willie as a way to tease him, but somehow that name stuck. He was also the first choice to be the voice of Marlin in “Finding Nemo,” but that role eventually went to Albert Brooks.

Macy has also been widely rumored to be the owner of a very large collection of boomerangs. He claimed that he has no such collection and that he has no clue how that rumor even got started. 

He did admit that, ever since he appeared in the movie “Wild Dogs,” he picked a strong interest in motorcycle riding. He used to ride a scooter during his college days, and admitted that it took a while to get used to the large cruisers; however, after filming “Wild Dogs,” he became a born-again biker.


Born on March 13, 1950, Macy’s a proud Pisces, and also a Tiger (if you were to consider the Chinese Zodiac).

Who is he dating?

Macy has been happily married to Felicity for exactly two decades. The couple has been dating on and off for 15 years, until they decided to tie the knot on September 6, 1997. Both of them are actors, and they received Emmy Award nominations in the 2005 gala.

They met when Felicity was a student of his at the Atlantic Theater Company. The couple has two (now teenage) daughters, one being Georgia Grace and the other Sophia Grace.

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